How to Attend

What you need to know to attend Waco's Premiere Independent Film Festival 

Dates TBA

Night Light , a family film

Night Light, a family film

What is this? 

First, these are not artsy-fartsy films. Don't worry about "getting it".  We've selected films that we find meaningful.  Stories that most everyone can relate to.  So get ready to laugh, cry or even scream, because these movies are made to connect with audiences. 

We're bringing some of the best indie films to Central Texas.

You'll get to:

  • See movies you won't see anywhere else

  • Meet and talk with attending directors, actors, writers and filmmakers

  • Walk the red carpet at the historic Waco Hippodrome

  • Learn more about the filmmaking industry and craft

Who is this for?

Everyone!  Anyone who likes movies will find something to enjoy at the festival.

You'll find

  • Drama

  • Comedy

  • Horror

  • Family

  • Sci-Fi / Fantasy

  • Documentaries

  • Texas films

  • Foreign films

How do I attend the festival?

You can dip your toe in, and just watch one movie. Or you can dive in, buy a pass, see everything and attend every party. Our suggestion: Check out the schedule - we’re building it now, but it should be live by Feb 22. There's a description for each program. See what interests you. We're sure something that will entertain you. 

You People , a romantic comedy-drama

You People, a romantic comedy-drama

Let’er Buck , a rodeo documentary

Let’er Buck, a rodeo documentary

Do I need tickets? 

Yes. There are two ways to attend the festival:

  • VIP - ALL ACCESS Passes: These get you into every film, party, and educational session. It's the A-list way to attend the festival

  • Individual tickets: A single general admission ticket to a feature film or short film program. (You can also buy a pack Ticket Six-Packs - 6 tickets for the price of 4!)

Where is this? 

It's all in downtown Waco at these cool venues...

What are these Short Film Programs?

Peddling , a coming of age drama

Peddling, a coming of age drama

These terrific indie flicks are similar to your traditional movie going experience (check out the schedule for more details on each film). 

But the short film programs are where it gets really interesting. . .

  • Think of it as a movie mix-tape. We've brought together independent short films from around the world, designed a theme, and have hand-crafted a playlist for you. In many of these programs, you'll get a taste of different types of films: drama, comedy, documentary, etc.

  • Each block is about 90 minutes and will take you all around the world without leaving your seat. A new story begins about every 10 minutes, so you’ll experience slices of life from many different angles.

  • Feel free to applaud after every film in the program, but please stay for the entire block of films. At the end of the program the lights will come up, we'll have a Q&A with attending filmmakers, then everyone will exit as we reset for the next program of films.


Have a question for us?

 Send us and email: info@deepintheheartff.com or hit us up on Facebook.